Tim Williams

Speaker: Tim Williams

Instead of adopting the same modern pricing methodologies used by their clients, most agencies are stuck in the deeply unproductive practice of negotiating their costs instead of selling their value.

The result has been a 20-year decline in average agency profitability, with most agencies doing more and more work for less and less money.

Using examples from around the world, this thought-provoking MasterClass explores the many other progressive pricing strategies used by today's businesses and shows how they can easily apply to agencies.


Tim Williams is one of the world's leading authorities on pricing and business strategies for professional service firms. Tim's workshops have been seen by business audiences on every continent, and his books and articles have helped inform the strategies and business models of thousands of firms across the globe. In his role as founder of Ignition Consulting Group (, Tim has worked with firms ranging from mid-size independents to multinational agency networks and corporate headquarters of the major agency holding companies.


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  • 03.09.2020
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