Planning for Good Marathon

Planning for Good Marathon

The ACC Strategic Planners organise a “Planning For Good Marathon" to illustrate the power of planning.

A full day session for young and experienced planners, coached by APG’s talented Merry Baskin,
to come up with briljant strategic solutions for a pressing societal problem

Strategy has always been an integral part of the development of good campaigns. And within the industry, the merits of good and thorough planning and planners are widely acknowledged. On the outside however,  the added value of the strategist is not always clear. Clients often believe they are solely responsible  for the development of strategy, whereas planner experience across a mutlitude of sectors and business issues can often widen the scope and bring new insights. Consultants pretend they can do the job, but they don’t have the responsibility to make sure something eventually comes out of the strategy, so they largely stick to reports and theoretical hypotheses.

With the ‘Planning for Good Marathon’, we want to use the talent of one of the UKs leading planners (Merry Baskin) to help us demonstrate the power of creative thinking and ideas. Together with one of the country’s leading newspapers, we will draw up a shortlist of hot topics which are not advertising related but delineate a clear and imminent problem in our country and society. One of these will be chosen a few days before the event, and documented as much as possible with raw data and information.

We invite you, as a planner, to join us on Monday, May 23rd at the Famous offices, to work in teams and demonstrate that our kind of creative reasoning and thinking can lead to new insights and solutions. Not just for business problems, because that’s what we do every day, but to show the world we can bring added value to problems that live outside of supermarket shelves, websites, or other commercial environments.

You will be teamed up with planners with a variety of backgrounds, from different agencies, and coached by Merry Baskin, who will also give a workshop on Creative Briefing on May 24-25. Planners that join our “Planning For Good Marathon” will benefit from a discount of 150€ on this workshop.

The best strategic recommendation(s) will be given to creative teams and will lead to a good cause campaign (cfr Sire in The Netherlands).

PS.: Only 25 planners can attend the Marathon, so don’t wait too long to subscribe.


Monday, May 23, 2016 - 09:30 to 18:00



Hendrik Placestraat 43

Groot Bijgaarden




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