Content Marketing

Content Marketing

In this Expert Center, we want to:

  • Promote, protect and professionalize our members as custom content and content marketing agencies;
  • Promote the use of content as an effective marketing tool;
  • Help advertisers get the best results with their content (marketing) projects;
  • Showcase the range of channels that can be used to engage customers from digital to the more traditional customer magazines.

Members of this Expert Center are:

  • All About Content
  • BeContent
  • Bold and Pepper
  • Boson
  • Com&co
  • Content Makers
  • Cypres
  • f-twee
  • Gicom
  • HeadOffice
  • Hotel Hungaria
  • Jansen & Jansen
  • Like Minds
  • Magelaan
  • Mediamixer
  • Newsmaster
  • OnlyHumans
  • Propaganda
  • Snackbytes
  • Spyke
  • The Fat Lady
  • The Value Agency

This Expert Center is also going to the market under the name of CUSTO, the Belgian association for custom content & content marketing agencies. It is powered by ACC.


We bring the content in the marketing

Custo spreads the word about content marketing
Content marketing is a valuable, creative and professional marketing tool. And everyone should know it. That’s why Custo is committed to promoting content marketing in Belgium, with a focus on relevant and engaging content. The sort of content that Custo members excel at.
Custo helps advertisers and agencies
Are you an advertiser who is just starting or already involved with content marketing?
Custo offers you free help in incorporating content in your marketing policy in the best way.
Together we’ll create a good content marketing briefing.
Or we’ll answer your questions on pitches and model contracts.
Are you a content agency? It’s worth applying to become a member of Custo. You not only get the Custo quality label if you meet requirements, we’ll also help you to grow and become a professional strategist and creator of effective and efficient content projects.
You are invited to join Custo at content events
Every year you are very welcome to join events (co-)organised or attended by Custo. This allows you, as an agency, advertiser or Custo member, to become informed and skilled in content and content marketing.
Custo keeps you up-to-date
At Custo we keep a close eye on trends and developments in content and content marketing for you. In Belgium and worldwide, being part of the ICMF (International Content Marketing Forum). In this way you have immediate access to valuable information for your own content marketing plan.
Stay informed:
Curious to know the latest developments and trends in Custom Content and Content Marketing? Go to and register for our e-newsletter Content Talk.
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Admission Conditions for new CUSTO members:

  • They should be a standalone entity (not a sales house or a printing company)
  • They should derive the largest part of its income from content
  • They should handle creation & execution of content strategies
  • They should have multi channel expertise
  • They should have minimum three clients
  • They should either exist 3 years or be lead by a manager with +5 years expertise

Custo is supported by: