Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

The Expert Center Strategic Planning, aka Account Planning Group, combines the Young Planners Belgium as well as the not so young planners. As Planning is a relatively young discipline in Belgium, the focus of the expert center is on exchanging experiences and learning from gurus through lectures, debates, seminars, workshops and visits of interesting companies.

Members of the Expert Center Strategic Planning

  • Vincent d'Halluin (mortierbrigade) = President
  • Barbara De Laet (Ketchum)
  • Bart De Leeuw (The Oval Office)
  • Dennis Snijders (iO)
  • Dieter Riemaeker (DDB)
  • Dimitri De Lauw (Kunstmaan Accenture)
  • Dominique Poncin (FamousGrey)
  • Francesco Caccamese (RCA)
  • Isabelle Koelman (Happiness)
  • Jan Seurinck (darwin)
  • Joris Joosten (Springbok)
  • Kendy Smits (Done By Friday)
  • Olivier Berger (Wunderman Thompson)
  • Sofie Verstreken (BBDO)
  • Tom Theys (FCB Global)
  • Yves Van Landeghem (Publicis Groupe)

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