Young Talent

Young Talent

We created a mixed Expert Center “Young Talent”, with agency HR managers and School representatives

Its’ goal is to train and integrate better qualified school leavers.

How are we tackling this issue:

  • We conducted surveys with agency managers & youngsters to define needs and gaps
  • We organized 3 World Cafés (2FL/1FR with 11 Universities & Colleges + 18 agency representatives)
  • We wrote a Whitepaper for the entire educational sector with next steps 
  • We launched a survey among all Universities and Colleges to:
    • Update our database
    • Ask for their needs regarding guest lecturers, agency visits, internships, speed-dating sessions, educational programs and research programs
  • We are developing an online platform “School corner” on which Agencies & Schools can consult and schedule all of this

 More initiatives to follow.