ACC Partner Session: Corona crisis and its legal impact


Koan’s Partner Session will browse through 2 topics that are not only fundamental for your business but also significantly impacted by the Corona-crisis:

Contracts and general conditions - Force Majeure clauses: You were perhaps faced with how strong – or weak - your contracts were and how they were (not) prepared to handle a crisis like the one we have gone/still are going through. Are your contracts solid enough in order to avoid misunderstandings with your contractors in case of a force majeure situation? We will allocate on how you can improve your contractual clauses.

Rules on Digital Advertising with focus on social media: The COVID-19 crisis has dramatically accelerated the digital transformation of many activities and businesses. Advertising campaigns have been heavily impacted in a way that they must now face new standards of creativity. Laws and different rules must nonetheless, still be imperatively respected. We will refresh important aspects and principles such as Intellectual Property Rights, Hyperlinks, Games of chance, Competition and Lottery, …


ACC Initiated

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  • 10.09.2020
  • 13:00
  • Free

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