AI @ WORK: Designing the jobs of the future


Speaker: Laura Nurski

This course covers the potential impact of generative AI on our jobs and our industry in general 

We will discuss the latest scientific theories and evidence on the occupational impact of AI as well as practical guidelines on how to redesign jobs in the age of AI.  

You will learn core job design principles to preserve your employees’ autonomy and engagement. Next, we zoom into the communication sector and discuss the potential impact of AI on some of the main job profiles in the sector (client service, creative or digital). You will also get the opportunity to bring a job description from your own agency for analysis. 
After this course you will be able to: 
• Understand which domains of human abilities (gen)AI is making most progress in. 
• Consult scientific sources that link AI progress to work tasks and occupations. 
• Assess the potential impact of AI on job profiles in the communication services sector. 
• Apply the main strategies of managerial and individual job (re)design. 
• Critically reflect on the motivational impact of automation technologies. 


ACC Initiated

  • Open to all
    • Senior
    • Management skills
    • Personal skills
    • Technology skills
  • 16.10.2023
  • 10:00 - 14:00
  • Members
    395 € + VAT
    575 € + VAT

Cancellation policy: Writing skills / Presentation skills

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