Better - a workshop on the Wellbeeing Revolution & Human-friendly Business



Speaker: John Grant

In his latest book "Better", John Grant explores how the ‘better’ idea took hold first in ‘free range’ workplaces; with their natural, human-centred architecture and processes, flexible working, mindfulness classes. He looks at the evidence that these changes produce better work. And he explores how ‘better’ as an ethos has seeped from workplace culture into the strategy, products, transparency, community and purpose of leading companies like Unilever.

In this workshop, John will bring insights, provocation and fascinating facts to the table. And there will be plenty of opportunity to interact, share experiences and thoughts. You will be inspired by this amazing trend, for yourself, your agency and your clients.

We invite you to invite your clients and register them at ACC member price of 195€. The workshop is also open to non-members at 295€.

There will be 20 hardback copies of "Better" for the first 20 subscribers.

Drinks, snacks and a light sandwich lunch are foreseen.

Speaker bio

John Grant was the co-founder of the legendary 1990s London creative agency St Luke’s; as famous for its free-range office, ethics and employee co-ownership as for its creative work for clients like Body Shop, IKEA and the BBC. John has published six business books on brands, sustainability, innovation and globalisation. All written to celebrate fresh ideas, bold experiments, spirit and change. John has advised some lovely companies like innocent, Method/Ecover, Eden and Ecotricity - on how to grow bigger. And some big companies like IKEA, Samsung, Unilever and Pepsi on how to be more human, relevant and lovable. His adventures along the way have led to him work for Napster (the pioneer of illegal file sharing), the Catalan independence movement and even the UK government (‘ActOnCO2').

ACC Hosted

  • Open to all
    • Senior
    • Management skills
    • Strategic skills
  • ACC Belgium, Rue Saint-Hubert 17, 1150 Brussels
  • 08.06.2017
  • 10:00 - 13:00
  • Members
    195 € + VAT
    295 € + VAT

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Iets nieuws en interessants geleerd : wij marketing mensen zijn culture doctors. Is zo juist.

The fact that the story was 'unfinished' and more of a discussion at the end, made it stand out.

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