Free Webinar: The Future Laboratory ‘Pitch Service’ + Keynote on Meta-tainment Futures



Speaker: Soraya Hayani and Kristel Vanderlinden

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Before the summer we launched a new partnership with The Future Laboratory, one of world’s most renowned Futures consultancies and their global trend platform LS:N Global. This resulted in an exciting new offer ‘the Agency Pitch Service’.

This service exists to help strategy & creative departments with micro & macro trends, global drivers and inspiring insights on specific sectors or target groups. It can help agencies to win valuable time in preparation of a pitch (and even to inspire existing clients). 

We would like to invite you to a deepdive in what the ‘Agency Pitch Service’ can do for you and the exciting world of LS:N Gobal followed by an inspiring keynote Meta-tainment Futures.  

About the keynote: Meta-tainment Futures offers you a more realistic, practical and concrete view of how the metaverse and immersive technologies are influencing key sectors such as fashion, luxury and retail. It shows how virtual realms are shaping attitudes and experiences among youth and the metaverse’s potential to transform media. We also explore who the players are. Familiar names such as Nike, Balenciaga, Spotify and Gucci, alongside rising pioneers such as ByondXR, Republic Realm and MYAMI. More crucially, we reveal how and where they are mixing, merging and magnifying different mediums and technologies to extend and explore what media, entertainment and immersive brand experiences can and should become when we fuse our imaginations with accelerating tech.

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  • 07.09.2022
  • 14:00 - 15:30

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