In-house Carbon Academy


Speaker: Sebstiaan De Block

We created the In-house Carbon Academy which allows all companies in our industry to learn how to go from ‘zero effort to zero carbon’.
Why should your company start thinking about the environmental impact it has? 

By 2026, most of the EU listed companies (large & SMEs) will be subject to the EU CSR Directive, compelled to report on 11 social and environmental aspects of their company. What will come next can only go in one direction… and you might as well think ahead. 

The CommToZero coalition wants to help prepare the marcom industry for what’s to come and reduce its environmental impact on different levels, starting with its own carbon footprint. Therefore, the coalition has created the In-house Carbon Academy, allowing all companies to measure, set targets, reduce, monitor, and report the carbon emissions for scope 1&2 at first. 

How can your company move towards carbon neutrality, to climate neutrality, as soon as possible? What are sensible actions?  How to be sure actions matter?  Questions many companies struggle with. No surprise, since EU regulations for carbon reductions, will quickly change from “subsidisation” to “sanctioning”.  Sustainability is becoming a “licence to operate”.  Therefore, it is imperative to create a pathway to ensure the future of your company and our planet.
All these questions can be answered by particpating to the 4 session In-house carbon Academy

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  • Open to all
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    • Account & Project mgt skills
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