How to step up your PR Game: Session on Media Training and Crisis Communication


Speaker: An Luyten, Eveline De Ridder & Kristof Windels

How to step up your PR game? Find out during the fourth and last session on:

‘Media Training' with An Luyten - Freelance PR & Communication Advisor and Kristof Windels - Wavemakers

From journalist, to spokesperson to communications consultant – An Luyten has build up quite some experience in (journalistic) PR. What is a good news story and what is not? How do you build up the reputation for your company, organization or CEO? And how can journalistic PR help you to maintain that reputation? And where do social media fit in? 

You will learn all of the above by ‘real life examples’ of successes and failures. 

Then Kristof Windels will explain how a journalist thinks, works and reasons. What is news and what isn't news at all? How do you keep control of your press communication when your house is on fire? These are some of the questions he will tackle.

'Crisis communication' with Eveline De Ridder - Whyte

Crisis communication – if well executed – can also deflect or contain a crisis without damage to your reputation. And in the best case scenario it can even make you emerge stronger and positively boost your reputation. This is easier said than done: in this information age, crises pose a tough challenge for your company.

During this session, Eveline will discuss how to recognise a crisis, which phases exist in crisis communication and how best to deal with each of these phases. She will do this by using real cases and will take you through the how and why of certain decisions. Because Eveline likes to involve her audience in the subject, this is an interactive session.

ACC Initiated

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    • Strategic skills
  • ACC Minervastraat 4 1930 Zaventem
  • 08.11.2022
  • 14:00 - 18:00
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