Inclusion Academy


Inclusion Academy is the first online learning platform to strengthen your skills and knowledge on inclusion.

Many organisations want to take a first step towards greater inclusion, but do not know where or how to start. With Inclusion Academy, we want to provide an answer to this. Through an accessible approach, we want to make knowledge about inclusion accessible to everyone who wants to learn about inclusion.

Reducing the first step

Many organisations experience barriers that make it harder for them to implement inclusion. Inclusion Academy lowers these barriers through courses developed with this specific target group in mind. 

Creating more support

Through the knowledge that employees and managers can gain through Inclusion Academy, inclusion becomes a discussable topic within these organisations.

Making inclusion accessible

With Inclusion Academy, it becomes easier for companies to educate employees and managers on the topic, without barriers.


For all members, there is a 25% discount on your formula. Make sure to use the discount code: OPENTOCHANGE

ACC Endorsed

  • Open to all
    • Junior
    • Senior
    • Account & Project mgt skills
    • Creative skills
    • Management skills
    • Personal skills
    • Strategic skills
  • 31.12.2023
  • 23:00
  • Members
    750 € + VAT

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