IPA Foundation Certificate




IPA Foundation Certificate for jr accounts


30 hrs of online learning for €450 excl VAT

Deadline subscriptions: 25/04

Written exam: 27/06 & 26/09


Here is a short recap of the programme:


The course, offered by the IPA in association with the EACA, is the definitive programme for newcomers who are ambitious to move to the next level. It’s a super-concentrated opportunity to gain an overview of the whole industry with just 30 hours of flexible online learning. 


  • Format: 30 hours of online learning via any device or the IPA app, culminating in a three-hour written online exam.
  • Audience: For anyone with less than a year’s experience in an advertising, marketing or communications role; from recent graduates to newcomers from other industries.
  • Deadline Subscriptions: 25 April 2022
  • Exam date: 27 June and 26 September 2022
  • Fee: 450eur (+VAT if applicable)


Content: Seven modules covering the entire brand communications process:


  • Module 1: The Business of Creativity - A celebration of its role in the communications industry and the wider business community; its history, evolution and future.
  • Module 2: The Communications Landscape - The transformation of the communications landscape, the fragmentation of the industry and the consequential re-structuring of agency models. With particular focus on the impact of new players such as Facebook and Twitter and the industry’s effect on the economy and culture.
  • Module 3: Client and Agency Roles - Understanding the pivotal client/agency relationship from three different vantage points: (1) from the client’s perspective, in particular the role of the CMO; (2) how the agency responds, prioritises and meets client needs; (3) through the necessary processes and paperwork that underpin best practice.
  • Module 4: Theories, Tools and Techniques - An overview of the key theories, techniques and tools used by today’s marketers and agencies, such as behavioural economics, the roles of memory and data, and the planning cycle.
  • Module 5: Communications Review - An examination of the role of media to inspire and enhance the creative process, showcasing the impact of different types of media.
  • Module 6: The Creative Development Process - A summary of the two strands of the creative development process: (1) fostering creativity in your everyday environment; (2) the actual work process from receipt of client brief, to internal agency brief, and to the art of creative feedback.
  • Module 7: Evaluating Effectiveness - An introduction to the critical importance of advertising effectiveness and how the IPA, through its Effectiveness Awards and thought leadership, has championed agency expertise in its delivery, evaluation and measurement.


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  • 25.04.2022
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