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AdaStone Legal Day - Part 2



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Good contracts are essential. Poorly written contracts can result in litigation and unnecessary expenses. We will go over some important clauses together related to contracts with advertisers, influencers, creative freelancers, with a particular attention to specific sectorial rules regarding to intellectual property rights, payment terms, advances of third party costs (production, ...), termination, liability, … 


You or your employees create content, websites, graphics, texts and advertisements. These works are usually all protected by copyrights and tax optimization for the related remuneration may apply. In this section we will explain the different steps that should be taken into account before submitting a request for a ruling in order to safely implement the optimisation mechanism in your company. 


-  How do we ensure that intellectual property rights to ideas that are not accepted by our client remain our property?

-  What if the scope of the campaign (other media, new territories, longer duration) is expanded, and this was not foreseen in the contract? Can we then ask for an additional payment?

Tax Optimization
-  Which profiles (graphic designer, copywriter, content marketeer, social media manager, creative director, …) qualify for a ruling?
-  How can we demonstrate how much creative work a particular profile performs? 
-  Is it mandatory to obtain a ruling? 
-  What should the related clauses include in the contracts between the employer and the employee (or freelancer)?

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  • Rue Saint-Hubert 17 Sint-Huibrechtsstraat - 1150 Brussels
  • 23.11.2021
  • 11:45 - 13:00
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