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At ACC we are constantly improving the benefits for our members. Therefor, we count on many loyal partners, such as ElaN Languages, KOAN Law Firm, Lauwers & Seutin, Mediahuis and PitchPoint.


You have probably heard about them, but do you know their special services for ACC members?

In the ACC Partner Sessions, our partners will dig deeper into their field of expertise in several online sessions. After a presentation of 30 to 60 minutes, you will be able to ask questions. All sessions will be in English.

Discover the first four sessions underneath. For the first two sessions, Mediahuis and ELAN are offering a free apero set for participants who subscribe on the last Friday before the session at the latest.


  1. Data-driven Marketing by Mediahuis (25/06)

Consumers are constantly flooded with advertising messages. Advertisers are therefore increasingly looking for efficient ways to reach their target audience: the right message, bringing it to the right audience, and at the right time. Because of the growing need for advertisers to take a personalized approach, online advertising is more driven than ever by data.

For senior digital marketers, in creative, digital, strategy and management roles.



  1. Multilingual Communication by ELAN Languages (02/07)

Creating perfect (online) communication for your client that focuses on style, the target audience and online findability is your speciality. But how do you safely communicate that same message in other languages? . During this intro session, we’ll point out the pitfalls and provide a ready-made, multilingual plan of approach.

For content and digital marketers, both at project management and account management level.



  1. Optimising relationships between advertisers and agencies by PitchPoint (09/07)

    Pitchpoint will show you how to create a sharper and more distinctive agency positioning when pitching, craft a Public Tender Submission that will make you ‘stand out from the crowd’ and ensure your current clients don’t pitch their business.

    For senior management in all branches.



  1. Corona crisis and its legal impact by KOAN (16/07)

    Contracts and general conditions - Force Majeure clauses: Are your contracts solid enough in order to avoid misunderstandings with your contractors in case of a force majeure situation?

    Rules on Digital Advertising with focus on social media: We will refresh important aspects and principles such as Intellectual Property Rights, Hyperlinks, Games of chance...

    For event, content and digital marketers, with account & project management, digital, finance and management level.



ACC Hosted

  • Members only
    • Junior
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    • Account & Project mgt skills
  • Brussels
    • 25.06.2020 / 16:00
    • 02.07.2020 / 13:00
    • 09.07.2020 / 13:00
    • 16.07.2020 / 13:00

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