Planners Café: 'The Pitch I Should've Won'


We all know the feeling: you’ve put in the hours, the effort, the energy, the ideas and the presentation skills. And then you get the call: you did not make it and the account got awarded to another agency. A lot of planners are pivotal to newbizz processes, we gave some of them a chance to let of steam and present a case they still believe should have won.

A sneak peak behind the scenes of a real newbizz presentation, with first hand accounts of what really transpired and what was said and presented at the time. And a sturdy defense of their case.

  • Aze Vancoillie - FamousGrey
  • Denis Ghys - Wunderman Thompson
  • Jan Lammens - Bonka Circus

(Out of respect for the tutors, the organisers and the people we have to refuse, we ask you to abide by your commitment. If you cannot attend the sessionplease notify us at least 12 hours in advance by emailing; otherwise, we will charge your company a cancellation fee of €50.)

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  • 08.06.2023
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