Presenting Workshop


Speaker: ElaN

This workshop offers numerous tips and tricks for presenting with impact. The workshop is very practical and is based on several example situations.

1) Intro: the basics of communication

a. Verbal
b. Non-verbal
c. Points for attention + frequent errors

We go over the basic rules of good communication and pay attention to one – oft forgotten – aspect of it: non-verbal or body language. And yet, it’s a strong instrument in good communication. Participants receive feedback on common mistakes and a set of ‘tips & tricks’ to improve their communication.

2) An impactful presentation

a. Exercise: present the following topic… + feedback
b. The most common mistakes
c. Tips & tricks

i. A good opener
ii. Topic questions: a strong aid
iii. Visual support
iv. Interaction: how?
v. Division of time
vi. Dealing with a ‘difficult audience’
vii. A strong conclusion
viii. Tips for working efficiently with PowerPoint
1. The standard errors in PowerPoint
2. The possibilities and limitations of PowerPoint

3) Exercises

Participants will get exercises throughout the workshop:
- Presenting (prepared/unprepared) self-chosen and/or assigned topics

Practical info:
1 day - Min. 7, max. 12 participants

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ACC Endorsed

  • Open to all
    • Senior
    • Account & Project mgt skills
  • 450 € + VAT

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