Sales Workshop


Speaker: ElaN

This workshop is not an ‘expert in sales training’, but will give you a good introduction to various aspects that are part of the sales process. The workshop is very practical and is based on several example situations.

1) Intro: the basics of communication

a) Verbal
b) Non-verbal
c) Points for attention + frequent errors

We go over the basic rules of good communication and pay attention to one – oft forgotten – aspect of it: non-verbal or body language. And yet, it’s a strong instrument in good communication. Participants receive feedback on common mistakes and a set of ‘tips & tricks’ to improve their communication.

2) Commercial communication

a) Presentation of…
b) Opening negotiations
c) Sales
i) Sales pitches
ii) Cold sales
iii) Follow-up

Applying the communication skills in a commercial context. Whether it’s selling, negotiating, or presenting, the communication skills are the same. We will go deeper into the finer points of the sales pitches and the so-called cold sales, including loads of tips & tricks.

3) Spoken versus written communication

a) Email
b) Telephone
c) Face to face

How do the communication skills translate on paper/screen and on the phone? Is non-verbal possible there? What are the obstacles and errors? Plus, more tips & tricks for improved written communication and clear phone conversations.

Practical info: 1 day - Min. 7, max. 12 participants

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ACC Endorsed

  • Open to all
    • Senior
    • Account & Project mgt skills
  • 450 € + VAT

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