Solvay Creative Consultancy Cycle


In collaboration with ACC, Solvay created a program in 2021 to guide creative agencies in their transformation into Creative Consultancy Agencies. Last year, 26 agency managers and strategic directors followed the 1st Creative Consultancy Program. 

The program prepared senior managers to develop strong business-building tools based on their agency's creative power. A unified approach in formulating next gen strategies and tactics for the next generation top managers.

The initial program consisted of 10 training days (5 session of 2 consecutive days) + 1 day Hackaton. We will now launch a Basic Track of 4 training days and 1 day Hackaton between February and June ’22 and an Advanced Track of 4 training days, which will either run in S2 ’22 or in S1 ’23.

All trainings are given at the Solvay Business Campus, from 10:00 till 18:30 with full day catering.


ACC Initiated

  • Members only
    • Senior
    • Financial skills
    • Management skills
  • Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 42, 1050 Brussels - Building R42
  • 08.09.2022
  • All day
  • Members
    2.995 € + VAT

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