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Times are hard. We’re stuck in our own homes, with the same routine day in, day out. Gone is the office culture with the ability to inspire and motivate. With all these changes in our lives, it’s hard to stay resilient, both for yourself and your colleagues.

We know you care about your people. But we also know it’s hard to organise these kinds of workshops on your own. That’s why ACC are teaming up with Center for Resilience.

Center for Resilience is the organisation founded by clinical psychologist Elke Van Hoof. They coach companies and individuals in a scientific, neurological way, to improve resilience and decrease stress at work. They just finished a big assignment for one of our members (so they knows our industry as well).

Presentation Center for Resilience


DIAGNOSIS (ALL): Resilience Barometer for all Employees:
  Online questionnaire 
  To be filled in by all (interested) employees 
  Reports per Employee + per Agency
  €300/agency (regardless of # participants); min 10 agencies
INSPIRATIONAL KICK OFF (ALL): Keynote Presentation for all Employees:
  Principles of stress + Wellbeing Policy
  Collective session for all employees & supervisors
  1 Online session of +/- 2hrs
  €150/agency (regardless of # participants); min 10 agencies
COACHING THE SUPERVISOR Stresscrafting®  for Supervisors:
  Dealing with stress from employees & for the supervisor him/herself 
  Collective training sessions for supervisors
  8 online sessions of 1h1/2
  €200/supervisor; min 10 people
PRIMARY PREVENTION Online training program "Stronger through Stress"
  Turning stress in sth positive for more well-being & job satisfaction
  Individual online coaching program for employees
  130 online lessons in 8 sections
SECONDARY PREVENTION  Stresscrafting ® Program for  Employees:
  Understanding how to turn toxic stress into activating stress
  Collective or individual
  8 online sessions of 1h1/2
  €150/pp trajectory + €50/pp didactic material; groups of +/- 15 people
or: €1.560 per trajectory +€50 didactic material on an individual basis
TERTIARY PREVENTION Individual coaching Supervisor and employee(s)
  Coaching supervisor and Insourcing® trajectory for sick employee
  Individual coaching to resume work after burnout/depression
  4 Phases: Diagnostic-, Stabilisation-, Activation-, Orientation Phase
  12 sessions of 1h1/2
  €2.340 for Insourcing® trajectory / employee
  €1.560 for coaching supervisor


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