Warped Session: Creative Innovation


The guest speaker of this WARPED session is Ewan McIntosh, CEO and co-founder of NoTosh a global creative innovation consultancy. Ewan, always passionate about what technology could mean for people, first was a teacher in Scotland to become the National Advisor for the country on Learning and Technology before moving to Channel 4. All ingredients that eventually made him found NoTosh and lead it to what it is today.

“Sometimes it’s the haystack you need to find, not the needle”. Ewan believes that companies need to be better problem-finders and not just problem-solvers. Instead of jumping on assumptions, NoTosh guides people to strip their assumptions down and to hone in on the correct haystack hiding within. As a regular speaker at global events, Ewan not only comes with a good story but he's also a very good storyteller.

Already in the mood for some Ewan-inspiration? You can kick off with this article.

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ACC Endorsed

  • Open to all
    • Junior
    • Senior
    • Creative skills
    • Technology skills
  • Creative Belgium @ Firma, Schaarbeeklei 636, 1800 Vilvoorde
  • 20.02.2017
  • 18:30 - 21:00
  • 15 € + VAT

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