Workshop Online Presenting


Hans Van de Water

Speaker: Hans Van de Water

We are experiencing an influx in online meetings and presentations. Hans Van de Water from « the floor is yours » will tell you how to structure an online presentation, what to pay attention to when composing your story and how to ensure a strong performance. Sounds interesting to you? 

Approach: A mix of practical tips, interactive exercises and inspiring cases. We use research or project examples from participants. To provide individual feedback on each participant, we suggest the combination of first a general webinar and an interactive try-out session in smaller groups at a later scheduled time. During such a session, the participants present their own theme to each other and receive feedback. 

Content of the workshop

The following elements are discussed:

 What makes presenting online different?

• Which software do you use best? 

• Can you use the same slides for online presentations? 

• How do you keep your audience's attention?

• How do you make it interactive?

• What do you say during the first minute?

• Do you have to be in the picture yourself when you show slides? 

• Are you allowed to sit or do you better stand upright? 

• How do you make eye contact?

During the interactive try-out session, participants have the opportunity to immediately apply the tips from the workshop bu giving a short presentation, followed by feedback from other participants. 

ACC Initiated

  • Open to all
    • Junior
    • Senior
    • Account & Project mgt skills
  • 27.01.2021
  • 12:00 - 14:00
  • Members
    145 € + VAT
    195 € + VAT

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