Young Account Bar: Connectedness in a hybrid world By Emily Rammant.



Emily Rammant.

Speaker: Emily Rammant.

Emily will give a first insight into how the Corona crisis impacts our social life and connectedness at work and how we can adjust and even improve our social skills in this new hybrid world.

The communication sector is particular strong in communicating to the outer world, today we he have to focus even more on the communication within our own organisation. Embed yourself in the art of understanding your clients’ and colleagues’ needs by gaining better listening & questioning skills during this virtual talk.

To make the session interactive we invite you to share real life initiatives that focus(ed) on connectedness in your own agency. Please bring minimum 1 example so we can all profit from the collective wisdom from our Young Account group.

Who is Emily Rammant?

Emily Rammant breathes creativity and entrepreneurship. She worked in leadership positions in different advertising agencies, co-founded production company and kept an art gallery for a few years as a side job. As a Solvay business engineer and art lover, she always finds ways to combine her business mindset with her heart for creative people.

Since 2019 she redefined her purpose and clustered all her skills around her coaching practice as a leadership coach for the creative industry. Her belief? Self-knowledge and self-care lead to self-mastery. The deeper you go inside, the farther you see outside. Come see for yourself.

ACC Hosted

  • Members only
    • Junior
    • Account & Project mgt skills
  • Online ZOOM session
  • 22.10.2020
  • 12:00 - 13:30

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