Young Account Bar: Why Young Accounts must save storytelling



Miguel Aguza

Speaker: Miguel Aguza

In a world where everything is going faster and faster, taking the time will become a necessity. To give meaning to our actions and share our values. To create emotion and really engage with our consumers. To develop a sustainable business and make profit again. For that, nothing better than a wonderful story. Who starts ? Why not you, young accounts?

Who is Miguel Aguza?

Miguel is passionate about marketing and communication, particularly advertising in its many forms. He's constantly exploring major ideas within the advertising sphere. He's a dynamic and creative thinker and he's able to use his own initiative.


  • Media Advertiser of the Year 2017 (AMMA Awards)
  • Advertiser of the Year 2016 (Merit Awards)
  • Advertiser Personality of the Year 2016 (UBA Belgium)


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    • Account & Project mgt skills
  • DDB Rue Saint-Hubert 17 1150 Bruxelles
  • 23.05.2019
  • 19:00

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