COLLAB Evaluation Tool

COLLAB Evaluation Tool

Client/agency evaluations are important. Research and experience show that both parties benefit from mutual and regular feedback. Evaluations improve both client relationships and agency performances. But often, a thorough evaluation is the last thing on your or your client’s agenda.

That’s why ACC and PitchPoint have joined forces to launch COLLAB: a powerful tool, developed by PitchPoint, that professionalizes, structures and simplifies evaluations.

Benefits for ACC members:

Professionalizing the agency industry:  

  • A status of your client-agency relationships
  • On a multi-dimensional basis: client & agency evaluate each other and themselves.
  • An evaluation benchmark with other ACC members (once we have reached over 100 COLLAB’s).
  • The possibility of adding a workshop in case COLLAB reveals issues in your relationship(s).

Financial benefit: 

  • ACC members who use COLLAB for the first time get a introductory discount of 50% on the COLLAB 180° online survey(s).
  • Inform PitchPoint of your membership for the rebate.


PitchPoint is the owner of the database and guarantees all participants (clients and agencies) that all information will be treated with the utmost level of confidentiality. Benchmarks and trends evolutions will never identify any of the participants’ company names without their consent.

Way of working

  1. Measure with survey (15-20 minutes)
  • Online survey with 30 questions (based on 3 dimensions: Expertise, Process, Attitude)
  • Client can choose 3 key parameters to add focus.
  1. Analysis & Report
  • Results available one week after survey closes.
  • Issues affecting collaboration are highlighted.
  1. Workshop to drive change
  • Discuss results in all transparency 
  • Set up action plan for improvement, with goals and rules


  • COLLAB 180° survey & report: €2.850
  • COLLAB workshop, incl. self-evaluation surveys + 6 qual. interviews + half day workshop: €5.750


On request of ACC and exclusively for members, PitchPont also offers:

  • COLLAB agency screening: an agency self-assessment done by your team members.
  • COLLAB client portfolio: an agency assessment done by your clients, to detect global strenghts and weaknesses.
  • Additional questions in the COLLAB survey.

For more information:


To order your COLLAB evaluation(s), please contact and don’t forget to mention you are an ACC member.

Discover the recording link below from the COLLAB Webinar of 2nd March :