The Custometer is a readers survey for customer media. Available to evaluate print magazines & online content (adapted for online magazines, blog & e-letters).

Quick facts

  • Organized by Custo, the Belgian federation of content marketeers
  • Developed & conducted by InSites Consulting
  • Available for evaluations of print magazines and online content (and further tweaked for online magazines, blog & e-letters)
  • Versions for B2C, B2B & B2E
  • Compares results to a unique Belgian benchmark based on 50 (print) Custometers.
  • Combination of standardized approach (which allows to compare results with the benchmark) with possibility to add ad hoc questions (which allows to measure specific magazine goals).



  • Print Magazine: 6000 €
  • Online Content: 4.500 €
  • Print & Online Content: 7.775 €


  • Print Magazine: 7.500 €
  • Online Content: 5.500 €
  • Print & Online Content: 9.995 €

Which media are qualified

  • PRINT magazines; with 2 main goals:
  • How do readers consume and evaluate the publication? How can we optimize the publication in the future?
  • What is the effect of the publication among readers on the perception and evaluation of my brand, products or services
  • ONLINE content (customized questions for online magazines, blogs & e-letters),   with comparable goals:
  • How do readers evaluate the content? How can we optimize the content/platform in the future?
  • What is the effect of the content among readers on the perception and evaluation of my brand, products or services

Besides organizing separate measurements of print & online content, it’s also possible to do a combi evaluation of the print & online content, with efficiency gains and a price reduction.


Find a full overview of metrics for print vs. online evaluations. The evaluation of online content is centered around the evaluation of the content & platform as well as brand impact, whereas for print magazines the consumption is also included.




  • Ordering a Custometer is easy: mail your request to either or We will take care of your request and contact you for further information.
  • Discuss the following details:
  • Timings of the research project
  • Determine the number of languages
  • Tune the questionnaire to your needs with 3 ad hoc questions
  • Decide data collection method (see further)
  • Decide incentive (see further)
  • Take the following framework of timings into account
  • Confirmation of the project to InSites: 4 weeks before field work
  • Input survey to InSites: 2,5 weeks before field
  • Links available for online survey: 1 week before field work
  • Field: usually up to 4 weeks
  • Report: 2 weeks after field


InSites Consulting will deliver a template of the survey with clear indications of what input is expected and where. The input needed is summarized below:

  • Covers of the magazine (if print): current magazine + 3 previous magazines
  • Input for ad hoc questions (max 3 questions). In case it’s a print + online evaluation: we can add up to 6 ad hoc questions (3 for print & 3 for online).
  • Input to complete the survey:
  • Name of the magazine
  • Employer names
  • Number of magazines per year
  • Changes to the statements within the questionnaire

After implementing the survey, InSites Consulting will share a link in order to test the questionnaire (before inviting respondents). Final feedback can be given on this link.


  • The research project is conducted by means of an online questionnnaire (for print & online content evaluations)
  • Respondents are invited to participate to the survey via a call to action in the magazine (if print), a link/pop-up on the website (if online), direct mailing, social media recruitment, etc. A mailing is always recommended as it is the most effective source to recruit respondents.
  • How to maximize participation:
  • Incentive (not included in budget)
  • Support charity
  • Share results afterwards



  • InSites Consulting delivers a standardized report in powerpoint, including conclusions & recommendations.
  • Within the powerpoint presentation, InSites Consulting will provide a comparison with the benchmark based upon the results of different Custometer projects.
  • The report for print magazines consists of more or less 30 content slides, the report for online magazines consists of more or less 20 content slides.


  • Optionally InSites Consulting can also provide a face to face presentation of the results.
  • This is not yet included in the budget, the additional budget for the presentation is €600 ex VAT.