Lauwers - Tax advice

Lauwers - Tax advice

Do you have questions regarding the deductibility of professional expenses within your company? Do you enjoy benefits of all kinds as a manager/manager? If so, a tax audit seems necessary to identify current tax risks and anticipate possible problems in tax audits.

Tax jurisprudence has evolved tremendously and deserves a thorough analysis. If you have questions about wage policy and the passing on of costs within a (management) company, we can recommend an investigation by our partner and specialized tax law firm Lauwers Fiscale Advocaten. 

They are at your disposal to carry out an audit, analyze your payroll policy, scan it and, where necessary, provide additional documentation in order to anticipate and/or complete tax audits. 

Lauwers Tax Lawyers is a niche law firm with offices in the three Belgian regions. With their significant focus on (inter)national tax law, their aim is to manage your relationship with the various tax administrations and to take appropriate measures when necessary. Through their broad-ranging experience with tax and legal cases involving event promotors and out-of-home companies, this tax law firm is a strong partner for ACC and our members.

Standard tax/juridical questions will be treated at a flat rate of €195; for more complex matters, you will receive a quote. Ask your tax related question here: