Legal advice - IP Rights and Tax Optimization

Legal advice - IP Rights and Tax Optimization

By working in an advertising agency, you create content, websites, graphics, texts and advertisements, which are usually all protected by copyrights. Did you know that you can reduce your taxes based on a copyright concession contract?

Copyright incomes can indeed be taxed at 15% (or even less) instead of more or less 50% on your professional income so you can potentially save large amounts of money per year.

However, be careful with the tax administration which ensures that abuses are avoided through systematic targeted controls and eliminates misuse of the system. AdaStone is therefore willing to assist you in this process of Tax Optimization by doing a feasibility audit and by implementing the system for you, as a manager, your employees and/or your free lancers. We can also, if necessary, assist you by filing a ruling request to the tax administration for legal certainty.

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