The Maffia - Creative freelancers without margins

The Maffia - Creative freelancers without margins

Founded in 2003, the Maffia rapidly grew into the most important bunch of freelancers serving agencies in the communication market. 

They come in, do the job, get out. Deadly efficient and dedicated to the bone.

Today The Maffia is a network of junior, medior, senior and award winning professionals.

With a community of more than 3.000 professionals, we are ready  to help you on a temporary or continuous base.
What we do differently

We take No margin per day. We work with a one-time finder’s fee.

  • A recruitment agency adds averagely 25% margin to the day rate.
  • The Maffia adds averagely € 25 finder's fee to the day rate.

Important: No Cure = No Pay

1.      So when you’re looking for that extra help or a specialist profile, we know who to call. Test us.

2.      We are surprisingly open and transparent.

Questions or desperately looking for an extra hand?

Drop us a line at or call us at +32 486 950 601

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