Pitch Evaluator EACA

Pitch Evaluator EACA

Pitching requires significant investment in time and resources. Agencies should have an opportunity to assess whether or not a prospective pitch is worth committing to by evaluating different aspects of the pitch.

The European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) is offering this Pitch Evaluator for agencies from across Europe to do just that. It is a tool which agencies can use to evaluate whether participating in a specific pitch is reasonable taking into consideration: 

  • the level of the client’s commitment
  • the comprehensiveness and thoroughness of information provided to the agency
  • the potential financial benefits/consequences of participating

How does it work? 

There are 3 sections to the Pitch Evaluator, each using weighted scores which taken together provide a percentage estimate of the risk associated with the pitch. The lower the percentage, the greater the risk. The first section measuring the level of the client’s commitment weights 40%, the second and the third one assessing the comprehensiveness of information, and the financial benefits, respectively, weight 30% each.

If you choose to submit your responses, EACA will save and keep the data securely and treat it in strict confidence. Please note we do not know your identity nor that of your agency. The data will be used to gain valuable insights about pitching practices in Europe, which EACA can use to better argue for the agencies’ case in our discussions with advertisers.

The Pitch Evaluator is available here