Safety Precautions Event Sector

Safety Precautions Event Sector

Safety Precautions Live Event Sector:

Dramatic attacks such as those in Brussels, as well as the earlier incidents in Paris, Tunisia, Turkey and countless other places around the world, are calculated to strike at the heart of the community. People are shocked, feel less safe, and are inclined to alter their daily life as a result. They have a tendency to retreat into their own familiar surroundings. These incidents also have a significant impact on tourism and the events sector. Congresses, fairs, concerts, theatre performances, business events and hotel bookings are cancelled, and planned visits to restaurants and shops are abandoned or delayed.

We will continue to do everything possible to guarantee the safety of the public during events and special occasions, and as both citizens and professionals in a sector which owes its existence to live gatherings, we must never give in to these negative feelings. On the contrary, we intend to strive more than ever to promote live connections between people. We want to demonstrate that live offers us the best and most constructive way to a healthy and positive society.

Re-establish confidence in Live Events:

  1. Deal with emotions: “We care as a sector or as an event agency and we know how to handle the situation”
  2. We master the facts: “We are prepared; know what is at stake and discuss upfront with clients & suppliers"
  3. We take action: “We continue to organise great Live Events and take all precautions to reduce risk and increase safety"

Some very specific initiatives & tools to reduce risk & increase safety:

Increase physical safety:
We start with some very specific tools to be better prepared when organising Live events with a public dimension:

1. A Police Checklist listing all precautions suggested by government:

Police Checklist Private Events FR

Police Checklist Private Events NL

Best is to prepare the checklist above and contact your local police zone via this link:

2. An upfront safety check in collaboration with licensed Prevention & Safety Consultants:

Increase ‘financial’ and juridical safety:
Many unusual risks can be insured upfront (like abnormal no shows or extra unforeseen costs due to terror risk). At the bottom of this page, you will find a checklist that allows you to ask for a quote for an Annulation Polis by insurance company Verheyen.

Re-install confidence in the sector:
The best way to re-install confidence in the sector is to continue organising great Live Events, cfr the Climate Change Conference in Paris, weeks after the attacks. Another way of establishing Belgium as a great country for Live Events, is to send your best event-cases to the European Award Festival, called EUBEA so that once more, Belgium can take home most of the european Best Event Awards and thus demonstrate our supremacy.

Here’s a charming initiative that has the power to unite all fans and companies active in the Live Event sector: we call on everyone in Belgium, and in the rest of the world, to share photos and videos of their live experiences on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. using the hashtag #WeLoveLive. In this way, ACC hopes to build a strong community of people who believe more than ever in the power of enjoying together – of experiencing culture, food and drink or professional occasions together – a community of people who love live

  • Police Checklist Private Events NL

  • Police Checklist Private Events FR

  • Checklist - Annulation Polis by insurance company Verheyen NL

  • Checklist - Annulation Polis by insurance company Verheyen FR