Salary & Hourly Rates survey

Salary & Hourly Rates survey

Every two/three years, the ACC Expert Center Legal & Finance conducts a survey on the actual salaries of our talent. It is an extremely powerful tool for managers and CFO’s to assess their remuneration policy and to benchmark salaries for their employees with comparable profiles in comparable age ranges in our sector.

As our association grew from 37 members in 2012 to 155 members now and as it is a more diversified association than ever - including Brand Activation, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Event Marketing, Full Service and Public & Influencer Relations, we can offer a more powerful tool with more job descriptions than ever.

In enclosure, you will find the Manual. The Salary Survey also incorporates an Hourly Rates survey and a Daily Freelancer Rates survey, which provide averages of commercial rates for all the Job profiles

All ACC agencies can participate in the Salary Survey + Hourly Rates Survey: we charge €500 administrative costs for the first participation (€250 for agencies with less than 25 employees). From then, your agency can participate in future editions for free.

If your agency wants to invest in a proper tool to benchmark remuneration policy, then please confirm your participation to the ACC Salary Survey by mail to or You won’t regret it!