Temporary mobile sinks for schools, cities and businesses

Temporary mobile sinks for schools, cities and businesses

Eight event agencies from the Expert Center Event Marketing of the ACC (the trade association of communication agencies) have joined forces to offer an efficient and low-cost solution for hand washing with respect for social distancing. The agencies developed safe and temporary sinks that are now being placed in various schools, cities, companies and on construction sites.

Schools, cities and businesses need to make their entire infrastructure as safe as possible in no time at all to contain the risk of Covid-19 infection. This includes a whole series of safety regulations and conditions for which there are not the necessary resources by default. The event sector took action and developed the Box Wash™® to comply with these safety regulations.

The Box Wash™® is a mobile sink with four water points. Four people can wash their hands at the same time from a safe distance with running water. The units can be used both indoors and outdoors in any environment such as parks, schools, businesses and squares. The mobile and compact package is easy to put together and can be set up and connected in less than five minutes.

"Since the start of the corona crisis all events have come to a standstill and, straight away, our sector was able to assist hospitals and pharmacies with adapted infrastructure, signage and equipment. We have the know-how and the means to provide targeted solutions in a very short time for the most demanding settings and environments. It is a logical consequence that we are now also using our experience and manpower to make schools, cities and businesses accessible again," says Mathias Kerckhof of Fast Forward Events. With this, the agencies are once again sending a strong signal that the event sector wants to get out of this crisis by working.

More than one hundred Box Wash™® units will be placed in various schools in Lommel, Hoboken and Antwerp, among other locations. Also in coastal municipalities, which are gradually preparing for the return of their second-home residents, the washbasins will be placed in public places.

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The Box Wash™® will be placed all over Flanders by these eight Belgian agencies: Boris Agency, Butik Agency, Conrad Consulting, Event Mosaic, Fast Forward, To The Point Events, Way2events, We Make You Happy.

The Box Wash™® was invented by Fast Forward Events.

Website www.boxwash.be

Here,you can find footage of the hand washing units.