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For senior strategists, we are proud to showcase a very popular APG seminar from the UK in Brussels. The brilliant Rachel Murphy hosts a fast paced, one day rally tour around the financials and the business issues that drive clients' thinking and decision making - critically important to understand for all senior planners.

Rachel Murphy is the founding partner of RJM Consulting. Having previously worked for both blue-chip quoted companies and private equity businesses, she established her own consulting business to provide advisory services to Board-level executives of a wide range of companies. Typical projects include company valuations for acquisitions, fund-raising advice and corporate structuring for small and mid-cap companies.
We invite Strategy Directors and Senior Planners to join us on Tuesday March 21st at the ACC offices, for this “mini-MBA in a day”. You will be teamed up with planners with a variety of backgrounds, from different agencies, and coached by Rachel Murphy.


  • To improve your understanding of the financial dynamics and internal decision-making processes of client companies
  • To improve your ability to interpret client’s business strategy and service the client company’s needs
  • To help you to identify, grow and measure value opportunities.
  • To strengthen your negotiating and leadership skills


1.         What drives your client companies?

  • Who owns the business?
  • What do shareholders want? What is shareholder value?
  • Who are the key business drivers and how do they make their decisions?

2.          Finance as the language of Business

  • Understanding the principles of Financial Accounts
  • Profit versus Capital versus Cash – getting the balance right
  • How to spot the key value drivers?
  • How to communicate the long term benefits of marketing and advertising?

3.         Business Information

  • Identifying the current critical business issues facing your client
  • How to readily access information about your client
  • Short-cuts for high speed research
  • Using ratio analysis and KPIs

4.         Measuring Shareholder Value

  • Can you put a number on the value you create for your client?
  • How to value companies?
  • Market capitalisation and Profit Multiples
  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

5.         Strategic Selling

  • Becoming a trusted Advisor
  • Scenario planning
  • Putting business strategy into practice

Multiple subscriptions by the same agency are eligible for a discount:

  • First person: 675€+ VAT
  • Second person: 500€+ VAT


EFFIE RECOMMENDED: this training is valuable for building your EFFIE case.

ACC Hosted

  • Members only
    • Senior
    • Strategic skills
  • ACC Belgium
  • 21.03.2017
  • All day
  • Members
    675 € + VAT

Cancellation Policy: APG’s Brand Purpose that Sells


"Overall very interesting and confirms my mindset that we always have to connect to business relevance."

"A good presenter and interesting topic; it was much to absorb in just one day, but I'm glad I participated."

"I will take a broader look at our clients' business now."

"More direct links with our core business: delivering creative services."

"I would also and especially open it up for account people."

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