EAC Ceremony



The EAC Certificate is an initiative from the European Association of Communication Agencies in cooperation with the IPA (UK's Institute of Practitioners in Advertising). It is a remote learning programme that aims at enhancing the knowledge of young professionals (up to 2 years of experience) with regards to commercial communications. There are 7 modules in total, covering all aspects of brand communication. The course consists of 30 to 35 hours of online study + a 3-hour examination at the ACC offices.

ACC/EACA members will be charged a fee of €250 (+VAT as appropriate) upon registration

Register directly at: http://certificate.eaca.be/register


ACC Hosted

  • Open to all
    • Junior
    • Account & Project mgt skills
  • 26.04.2017
  • All day
  • Members
    250 € + VAT


Senior Art Director, Kaleidoscope Proximity

"I think that the EAC is one of the most important starting tools a young advertiser can have. You get to learn about the industry from professionals, you get to see all the sides of advertising and maybe even choose the one that fits your needs and abilities. You get to hear from other professionals’ experiences and see what you have to aspire to. I genuinely consider that it offers the perfect balance of theory and practice and it is a must-take course when entering #thisadvertisinglife."

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