Holistic Young Planners Education



HYPE is an interactive course of 8 evenings for Young Strategic Planners (younger than 30 & less than 3 years of experience). Every workshop will be given by a Strategic Director and his/her sidekick (a specialist on the topic).
Every session will take place in a different agency and will start at 7PM.
The 7 arms of strategy :
  1. "How to have a strategic idea" by Vicki Holgate (UK) & Tom Theys 21/02/17
  2. "How to set your strategic goals" by Birgit Heymans & Daan Richard 7/03/17
  3. "From Strategic planning to channel planning" by Davy Calluwaerts & Yves Van Landeghem 21/03/17
  4. "Why working with creatives isn’t working" by Vincent D'Halluin 18/04/17
  5. "How to get the best out of workshops" by John Griffith (UK) & Dominique Poncin 02/05/17
  6. "Let research help you instead of block you" by Gert Lintermans & Dimitri De Lauw 16/05/17
  7. "How to (re)build a brand" by Jef Raeman & Jan Van Brakel 23/05/17
  8.  Judging teamwork presentations 30/05/17
There will be an assignment given during the first session, on which the participant will have to work in teams, and need to present their strategic campaign during the last session in front of a jury.
The first session will take place on Tuesday February 21 and the next sessions are scheduled on the following Tuesdays: 7, 21, 28 March, 18 April & 2, 16 & 30 May (dates may still change in fonction of availability of the tutors)

Multiple subscriptions by the same agency are eligible for a discount:

  • First person: 795€+ VAT
  • Second person: 595€+ VAT
  • From third person onwards: 495€+ VAT


EFFIE RECOMMENDED: this training is valuable for building your EFFIE case.

ACC Initiated

  • Members only
    • Junior
    • Strategic skills
  • Different venues
    • 30.05.2017 / 19:00
    • 23.05.2017 / 19:00
  • Members
    795 € + VAT

Cancellation policy: HYPE


  • "zeer gepassioneerde en interessante presentatie"
  • "Erg interessante cases en voorbeelden"
  • "goede inleiding tot het gehele hype-gebeuren, enthousiaste sprekers, eerlijk, interessante oefeningen/interactie, goede concrete voorbeelden"
  • "bonne introduction pour bases solides (surtout en tant qu'account), inspiration"

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