Planners Café: The Pitch I Should Have Won



Pitches, pitches everywhere... in an ideal world you win every single one of them. But in reality, you win some, you lose some.
And we all know the feeling: you put in the hours, the effort, the energy, the ideas and the presentation skills for the ‘pitch of the year your agency should definitely win’. But then you get the call: you did not make it.
For the 5th time now, the Expert Center Strategic Planning, aka APG, gives a chance to top planners to let off some steam and present their case “that should have won”.

Expect a sneak peek behind the scenes of a real newbizz presentation, with firsthand accounts of what really transpired and what was said and presented at the time. 

We cordially invite you to this vivid evening. But hurry up if you don’t want to end up on the waiting list, because we can’t seat more than 60 people. 


We are currently looking for pitch cases.
Are you interested in telling your agency's story of a pitch you should have won? Tell us all about it at 

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