Social Media & Intellectual Property: What you need to know.



Speaker: Agnès Maqua, Dietger Glorieux

The purpose of the training is to apply the principles of IP rights (mainly copyright and image rights) to a social media context. After a brief explanation of the main IP principles, we focus on issues including what IP rights you grant to social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter when you share a work; what you can do if someone else is infringing your IP rights on social media and how to avoid infringing third party rights yourselves.

Finally we also address such topics as the use of non-protected works (e.g. public domain), Creative Commons licenses and hyperlinks in a social media context.


Agnès Maqua

Agnès is very active in the advertising sector working with advertisers, advertising agencies, media agencies and media sales houses. Together with her team Agnès helps these key actors in their day to day media related concerns such as: clearance of advertising campaigns, contracts, acquisition and negotiations of copyrights, image rights, compliance with the rules and regulations in force etc.

Dietger Glorieux

Dietger advises clients in all advertising related topics, with a particular focus on trade practices, the management and protection of IP rights and data protection. He has worked for both advertising agencies and advertisers on contracts and checking the compliance of advertising concepts with the applicable regulations.

ACC Hosted

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    • Junior
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    • Account & Project mgt skills
    • Management skills
  • ACC Belgium Sint-Huibrechtsstraat 17 1150 Brussels
  • 15.05.2017
  • 12:00 - 15:00
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    40 € + VAT
    100 € + VAT

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Good presentations and speakers

De highlight was IP en social media, wat zeer interessant is aangezien deze regels vaak onduidelijk zijn en niet altijd online te vinden zijn.

It was all very interesting, also the questions after the session because you are confronted with real cases.

The presentation was very well structured and clear. Also happy to see there was enough time for q&a.

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