Our purpose

The ACC upgrades, promotes and defends the added value of our members towards (future) employees, clients, authorities, press and public.

To upgrade the added value

As co-founder of the Conseil de la Publicité/Raad voor de Reclame (now: Communicatie Centrum/Centre de la Communication), the JEP (jury for ethical advertising practices) and as co-organiser of the EFFIE Awards, ACC is an active partner in the 'tripartite' advertisers-agencies-media. That makes ACC the privileged partner to represent the communication agencies towards clients and media organizations. ACC is aware of her responsibilities. That's why ethics is one of her main concerns. ACC members act in a responsible, professional, and constructive way. They not only commit themselves to respect the core commitments of the ACC and the existing code of self-discipline, but also the prevailing standards and values of our society.




What we are going for together?

Our goal is to unite and empower all communication agencies around their indivudual interests and their collective ambitions to transform their clients' business.


How we do that together?

Our mission is to upgrade and promote the added value of our members and represent their interests to their stakeholders: current and future employees, clients, governments, press and general public.

How we are valuable?

That goal and mission are not optional desires. ACC as a whole, as well as each member individually, commits to this commitment. It makes us a valuable association: for our members and for society, in which we want to continue to play a leading role in themes that will determine our social future.

We hope this document will inspire you in your process of transformation: