Conflicting Accounts

The ACC Expert Center Sector Challenges compiled a whitepaper on how to allow agencies to work for conflicting accounts by assuring confidentiality procedures.

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Unlike many other sectors, communication agencies can rarely put their accumulated expertise at the service of companies and brands in the same sector. Whereas in consultancy agencies, know-how is actually seen as an asset, in the creative sector it is considered a breaking point.

In an extremely rapidly evolving market, in which clients expect more than ever overview, interpretation and guidance from their agencies and the margins of those same agencies are structurally under pressure, ACC advocates that the pigeonholing regarding conflicting accounts should be scrapped and agencies should be able to optimally play their role as specialists.

That is why the Expert Center Sector Challenges has written the manual to evolve from Conflicting Accounts to Confidential Accounts, whereby clients can fully benefit from the expertise of the agencies while shielding their data from their competitors.

The white paper comes with a set of Non-Disclosure Agreements from AdaStone Law: one between agency and client and one between agency and employees and/or freelancers.