The Unchangeable – Six Timeless Truths as a Guide

How to lead a group in changing times.

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The Unchangeable – Six Timeless Truths as a Guide

Peter Ampe, CCO of FamousGrey, has written a whitepaper with six beliefs to hold onto in uncertain times. The Unchangeable is commissioned by ACC, because it’s our mission to inspire advertising agencies to keep on investing in change to increase added value.

The recent happenings. New trends. Future trends.

They push us in a different direction every week. They are like waves you must either get around or use to your own advantage. This treaty provides guidance in changing times, by concentrating on the unchangeable. Six timeless building blocks will help everyone leading a group or composing a new group to make this group successful. It will help you stay true to your vision, keep your group together, only ride those waves that bring you closer to your goal and make your mark.

The Unchangeable was written in one go after reading The Art of War by Sun Zu, a military treaty from the 5th century BC. Like the latter, this text has a minimalist and philosophical style. It doesn’t give solutions, but it does make you think of your own solutions. The author sees it as an incubation text; after reading it, it will urge you to think or rethink the dynamics within your group.

Don’t lose yourself in waves anymore, look at the sea.

Peter Ampe