Translations and Language Training

ElaN Languages checks your language skills and helps you improve them.

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Translations and Language Training

ElaN Languages looks at where your language skills are at right now and give you advice on how to get them where you want them to be. ElaN Languages has been a reliable partner to hundreds of companies at home and abroad for over thirty years for translations for communication and advertising agencies. 

ElaN - Translations

ElaN Languages has been a reliable translation partner to hundreds of companies at home and abroad for over thirty years. Translations for communication and advertising agencies? We know the drill!

Need advertising, a sales brochure, or a multilingual marketing campaign? Or maybe blog posts or social media updates? ElaN Languages translates any message into a clear, powerful language that convinces your target audience.
Why you’ve got it made with ElaN Languages:
•    Flawless translation: we’ll find the right person for the job in our worldwide network of 1,800 translators, guaranteed.
•    Any format: in print or online, we provide all your publications in the same format and layout as the source text. An entirely different file format? Just ask us!
•    User-friendly: thanks to our online platform, MyTranslation, you can easily maintain an overview. And keep tabs on current projects, from request to delivery.
•    Less expensive: because we work with translation memories, you get discounts on repeated words and phrases. And if you order regularly, you can also take advantage of our discounts on volume.
•    Quality guaranteed: ElaN Languages has obtained the international ISO 17100 standard for translation services.

Fast Track Service – When speed is of the essence.
Do you urgently need a short text of no more than 100 words translated? Or would you like your own translation revised? Our native translators will deliver your translation within 3 business hours. It’s perfect for your social media updates.

Free test translation – Find out for yourself.
If your company has never worked with ElaN before, we will gladly translate a representative text of your choice with a maximum length of 500 words. Find out for yourself how good we are by requesting a free sample translation via johannoel@elanlanguages.  

In good company
These are just some of the companies that have been relying on our translation services for years: Adecco, Carrefour, Coca-Cola, Ethias, Head Office, Perrigo, Q8, Sanoma, Würth, etc.
Would you like a customised price quote or have you got any other translation request, please don’t hesitate to contact Johan Noël at or 011/49.04.68. He will be happy to help you.

ElaN - Language Training

Would you like to be able to negotiate in French better? Shouldn’t the English in that email be more polished? Maybe if your German had been better, your arguments would have been able to convince that client after all…

Sounds familiar?
Language is often the key to good communication. ElaN Languages wants to ensure that you can really do something with language in the day-to-day reality of your job. We apply the ‘Return on Expectations’ (ROE) concept to all our training programmes.

What’s our approach?
Together with you as a participant, your manager and HR, we look at the situations in which you need to use the language effectively. We translate these situations into concrete objectives that in turn ensure that you develop new skills in the language. As a result, you communicate a lot better in the situations that matter to you.

Would you like more info?
Then contact ElaN Languages! We will look at where your language skills are at right now and give you advice on how to get them where you want them to be.
ACC members get a free intake when participating in a programme for at least 20 hours.
Your contact is Cathy De Ceuster: or 011/79 05 28.