Legal Help Desk: Adastone

AdaStone, a sector focused and full-service law firm, is your "One-stop shop" for all legal needs in the sectors relevant to ACC members. 

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Legal Help Desk: Adastone

We offer a Legal Helpdesk with AdaStone Law Firm
•    What: A Help Desk with AdaStone ( AdaStone is a "Sectors Focus & Full Services" law firm and offers a "One stop shop". AdaStone aids regarding all kinds of legal needs in the sectors in which ACC members operate.
•    How much: €195/h. In case the question is more complex and will take more than 1 hour, AdaStone will send a quote upfront. 
•    When: available always.

Typical questions for the Legal Line Service
•    Advertising for any medium (Internet, TV, radio, cinema, outdoor, press, etc.)
•    Contests (contests, tombolas and games of chance)
•    Influencer Marketing
•    Digital marketing
•    Direct Marketing
•    E-commerce (building websites, clearing websites, launching new products and services via the Internet ...)
•    E-reputation
•    Respect for private life and protection of personal data
•    Copyright, right to image, right to name.
•    Trademark law (including availability searches and trademark registrations on the basis of prior budgets) and design law
•    Sponsorship, merchandising, events
•    Commercial communication regarding specific products and aimed at sensitive target groups (tobacco, alcohol, medicines, children)
•    Packaging and labelling
•    Commercial practices (unfair, misleading, denigrating, aggressive, etc.)
•    Price regulation
•    Advertising techniques (discounts, sales promotions, etc.)
•    General principles regarding contracts in the advertising sector
•    General information about Tax Shelter

More complex matters
•    Drafting of all your contracts (agency/advertiser, contracts with influencers, contest rules, NDAs, contracts concerning the transfer of copyrights with creatives and freelancers, contract concerning audiovisual productions, contracts with service providers and partners, etc.)
•    Tax optimisation of copyright remuneration
•    The valuation of intangible assets
•    Participation (in) and drafting of public contracts/procurement/contests

•   Contact with self-regulatory or regulatory bodies (especially the JEP, VRM, CSA, the GBA, the Ministry of Economy or Health, etc.).
•    Debt collection
•    Financing through the "Tax Shelter" or sectoral support

1.    The ACC member sends a description of his/her question as precise as possible (with an indication of the working language and the desired return time)

2.    AdaStone acknowledges receipt as soon as possible and contacts the ACC member (if the estimated time needed to answer the question is more than 90 minutes, an additional budet will be proposed before any intervention)

3.    AdaStone sends the answer within the agreed timeframe

4.    AdaStone invoices the ACC member for the agreed fee

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