Pitch Survey

Many of you have asked us to put more focus on decent pitching procedures. Therefore, we are excited to introduce the Pitch Survey 2024.

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Pitch Survey

We received pitch data for 2023 from 62 agencies from 6 different disciplines, which made a representative analysis possible.

In collaboration with the United Brands Association and PitchPoint, we've compiled pitch data from 62 agencies across 6 diverse disciplines in 2023, giving us a comprehensive overview for analysis.

In the document "The Direct and Hidden Costs of Pitching", you'll discover the findings of our Pitch Survey (with detailed results per field in the appendix). Additionally, you'll find valuable insights on the costs involved in pitching, both direct and hidden, for both agencies and clients. We delve into strategies for pitching without diving into full creative development, ways to steer clear of negative pitch experiences, fostering positive ones, and practical tips for nurturing lasting relationships through regular evaluations.

We hope you'll help us spread the core message and join our efforts in advocating for more sustainable pitch processes!