Sentiment Survey

Our Sentiment Survey assesses workplace well-being and overall sentiments across 91 agencies with 800+ participants. ​

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Sentiment Survey

In our recent Sentiment Survey with ACC and UMA, 815 employees from 91 agencies shared their views. The highlights: 93% proud to work in communications, 88% optimistic about the future, and 91% believe in our positive impact. Check the report for details; agencies with five or more participants get custom benchmarks. 

"Communication is a beautiful profession" according to the Sentiment Survey

In recent weeks, a total of 815 employees from 91 communication and media agencies participated in the Sentiment Survey conducted by ACC and UMA. The survey aimed to gauge the internal reputation of the sector by allowing communication professionals to express their views on topics such as pride, optimism, motivation, job security, hybrid work, compensation, and engagement with social issues.

The good news is that 93% of all respondents indicate being proud or very proud to work in the communication field, and 88% are optimistic to very optimistic about the future of our profession. Almost 9 out of 10 respondents recommend a job in our sector, and a remarkable 91% believe that we play a significant role in positively influencing consumer behavior, particularly in areas such as sustainability and inclusivity.

"We often indulge in pessimism and sometimes complain about the challenging influx of young talent and the outflow of senior talent. However, when 8 out of 10 employees confirm feeling (very) secure in their jobs and 63% express a desire to remain in the profession for at least another 5 years, we can confidently say that the glass is more than half full," says Marc Fauconnier, Chairman of ACC.

Across all age groups, the top three motivations to work in our sector are: "I appreciate my colleagues," "I can be myself," and "I have fun and enjoy my work." This affirms that the field of communication indeed provides a dynamic work environment where collaboration among talented individuals makes a difference.

"There are, of course, differences between specific communication disciplines and among participants based on seniority or gender. There are also areas for improvement, such as the advancement of female employees to management levels, communication between management and juniors, and the demand for more training compared to the available offerings. We will incorporate all these findings into our Board of Directors and various Expert Centers," says Johan Vandepoel, CEO of ACC.

The complete report with details for each discipline and seniority level is available below. Agencies with at least five participating employees will soon receive a tailor-made report, serving as a benchmark within their discipline and the entire sector.

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