Profitability Survey

The Profitability Survey compares your agency's key performance indicators with other ACC members for the past year versus the previous one.

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Profitability Survey

The Profitability Survey gives an overview of the key performance indicators of your agency in comparison with the other ACC member agencies for the past year versus the year before. When signing the ACC Charter, all ACC members agencies have engaged to fill in their data and only those who actually do will receive the full report (which is usualy available in June).

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About the Profitability survey:
As the composition of the participating agencies varies every year, the 2021 data in this survey are different from the ones in last years' survey. We only report averages from agencies that filled in both 2022 and 2021 data: 100 agencies/groups at this time.

Please note that the term ‘Income’ equals ‘Gross Margin’ and not ‘Turnover’, which is still used by many Event and PR agencies (there’s a separate section on Turnover).

Next to the extra questions for the event agencies (number of events and usage freelancers), we added some optional questions for all agencies regarding the number of and the hours spent in pitches and their 2020 forecast.

The data in the online and progressive database can be customized according to the following criteria:
•    International network versus Local agencies
•    Brussels based versus Other Provinces
•    Discipline based criteria:
           o    Main discipline, declared by agencies themselves.
           o    Main discipline (per Expert Center), reported by ACC.

Global Trends 2022/2021:
After the devastating impact of the first Covid year in 2020, with a Gross Margin drop of -7% and a devastating 7,4% PBT/Income ratio, the sector recovered in 2021 with 13% Gross Margin growth versus ‘20 and a PBT/Income ratio of 13%. In 2022, the sector’s Gross Margin continues to grow with 15,5%, yet at the detriment of a declining PBT/Income ratio (from 13% to 10,9%).

The decline in PBT/Income margin in 2022 is particularly alarming, considering the historically high indexation in 2023 and client’s reluctancy to increase their budgets accordingly.

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